Court Buying Homes Sonoma

Selling Sonoma Property Through Probate Sales

Probate and trust sales occur after an owner of real property has passed away. It can be a very confusing and difficult time for family members, and is far from an ideal time to sort through property law. Choosing the right real estate professional with the experience, resources and a network to manage the transaction is a priority. Star Service Coldwell Banker is here for you during this difficult time.

Typically, a Trustee will select the real estate professional to work with, assist in pricing the property, manage property preparation and execute the marketing plan. This can occur when the owner passes away but did not have a Trust or did not put the property in the trust, even if they had a will in place.

Court confirmation may or may not be needed. If the court does not have to confirm the sale, the property sale would proceed like a trust sale. Usually, this requires more involvement from the estate attorney.

Those going through the court, buying homes Sonoma will also find an experienced ally in Star Service Coldwell Banker. We work to ensure a quick sale so all parties get the best possible outcome. Before beginning the process of buying or selling Sonoma property through the court system, call us today to speak to an agent and get started down the right path.